Gears, Gears,Gears!


One of the many reasons I got a Glowforge was to be able to cut gears. So I started playing with planetary gears

This one I made yesterday and today I started working on a double one

This one should give a 1:25 ratio, I’ll post a video once I get it working, I neglected gravity when I drew it so it doesn’t stay together


That is so much fun to watch! Nice job.


Sweet! :sunglasses:


I am anxious to see what you come up with. :grinning:


Very cool!

Gravity is such a… downer! get it? downer? :rofl:


Love it! I find that gravity can be a problem sometimes too. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Gravity is consistent but not always your friend.

Try some clear acrylic and sandwich things together, too cool to let gravity win


That’s my plan, it won’t win, it just snuck up on me!


Way cool Tom!


I managed to hold everything together so I added a third set:slight_smile:

I really can’t believe it still worked with the third set, it’s all MDF which isn’t the most slippery stuff and there are no bearings, just nuts and bolts holding it together!


That is so freaking awesome! (Some day.) :smile:


Awesome! That’s on my list for the one at work, just haven’t made it that far yet :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Nice! Have you figured out the ratio on that iteration?


1:125 says the math and reality :-0


I thought that was for the two level. wouldn’t adding a third change that?


First one was 1:25. This one multipled it by 5 again to 1:125


Ahh… :sunglasses:


Cool! FWIW, waxy lubes and graphite tend to work on mdf.


Really cool concept. Thanks for sharing. What program did you use to generate the gears? Did you use the paid geargenerator site or something else? I want to make some gears and i’m wondering if there are any open-source or free options.


Affinity Designer includes gears in its shape-drawing tool.