As a thought - would be awesome if you guys could include something like this in your cloud service:


That is a strangely soothing website.


How have I not seen that before?!

We love SVGs. You can export them from there and cut them directly.


@makerblock LOL - isn’t it? Needs to be some tranquility live screen saver

I found that site the other day because I was thinking this would be perfect for making gears. Such an awesome site! Hope it stays around.

Showed this to Tyler, one of our designers, and guess what he printed.


You guys! The GlowForge can print animated GIFs!!! Cat memes for all!


Haha! Awesome! Thanks for doing that!!

What material did he use?

That’s acrylic on plywood, with dowels for axles.

That is terrific. I can not wait to get this … I can not believe that you were able to print up a set of gears, and mount it up all in a 4 hour period! I certainly cant do that with my 3d printer (it would still be printing the first gear!) Great job.

Someone please find a way to make that website an animated wallpaper. Could stare at that for hours.

It took less than an hour, and only that long because we did a lot of fussing with the dowel/shaft. I was just puttering around and didn’t get around to posting it for 3 more hours. : )

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