Geek Chic Auction


Geek Chic is a company that made custom made, high quality wooden gaming tables.


They recently went bankrupt. There is going to be an auction next week. A bunch of there tools, an Epilog laser, and some of there tables are up for auction.

Its in Everett, WA.


Man! Why do these things have to be on a weekday?!


What a sweet game table!


And here’s their downfall (at least that’s what I heard)…


Geek Chic acquired Crash Games, didn’t do due diligence and also acquired a massive amount of debt that Crash had… allegedly.

So many game tables up for auction! I want to go to this so badly! I have Jury Duty that day, maybe I’ll get released early.


I wish I could make it… and that I had space for one of these tables.


That’s quite the table!


I’ve had my eye on a Sultan since 2012. I’ve had a picture of it on my fridge since then! I mean… I’m sure its a poor product. No one should should bid on it.


sigh that gaming table

Wanna either do an Ikea hack for one or hope that Ikea do a flat-pack gaming table.
I honestly could not spend that kind of dosh


Is fancy gaming tables a thing? I always wanted to make a fancy one for myself, but I thought I was alone…


Oh… it is a thing all right!

One of us
One of us


Sigh … Things to design over Christmas break


Wow, this place is 30 minutes from me. I should go to the preview at least and see how busy it is.

I have seen some crazy high prices at in-person auctions, though I have also seen obscene bargains.


FYI to those that are interested, Wyrmwood gaming is making a really nice gaming table, and it’s more reasonably priced than the Geek Chic ones, relatively speaking.
The only problem is the are limiting quantities for the first two waves. And my wife won’t let me but one.


Might be able to get an epilog cheap!


I want the thickness sander… And the space and 3phase for it. And a few of their saws… And space for their saws…


I would like one of the Sawstops. Will really be interesting to see how those go.


I wouldn’t mind a table saw, a planer, a router table, the 1800 cases of board and card games (actually probably not… not all that impressed with Crash’s catalog), and a gaming table. Jan’s first reaction was “we could have a forklift!”


They are actually more expensive with comparable options that the geek chic ones.


The way i ‘sold’ the idea to my wife…

I usually have a solo wargame going on at all times (currently playing D-Day at Tarawa by Decision Games) but it can be anything from Solitaire Advanced Squad Leader through to Source of the Nile… these games take up a LOT of space… space that could be used to drop her detritus (handbags, clothes, the list goes on)

Also she likes to game too (Terraforming Mars is her current Fav) and sometimes when she wants to game i have something there already… so a gaming table would solve this too!

So… If i got a gaming table i can close the game away AND she doesn’t get grumped at for moving the pieces AND she still gets to use the ‘central dumping ground’ (aka Kitchen table) AND we can game together any time as well!

It is a win/win!


That’s a shame! I remember they were on Shark Tank (watched a few episodes a while ago) and the tables were beautiful.