General question about replying to comments on “Made on a Glowforge”

Hi everyone, I am new here and have a question concerning the “etiquette” or “rules” surrounding responding to comments after posting my work recently in “Made On a Glowforge”.

I come from a family that was big on manners, thank you notes, and please and thank you :sweat_smile:, so when I post a topic, I like to thank people and respond to every comment separately, but I realize that can be annoying to scroll through and may not be “the way” you guys do it here.

So my question is… what is customary as far as responding to comments on a topic I post? Do most people just “heart”
a comment and go on with their day? Or is it OK to thank or comment to each person individually?

Any advice or info is greatly appreciated and thank you for the warm welcome!


please send me any praise, smily emoticons, :heartbeat:'s you want,
I will thank you for every one of them!

NJ needs more people to be nice!



I think reading through the forum as you have been doing will give you an idea of the general pattern of things. Some people respond to questions, some respond to every comment and some wait a period of time and thank everyone in a single post. There are no hard and fast rules except those that Glowforge posted.


Haha! Does my state have THAT much of a bad rap?:sweat_smile:
I live in a little shore town about an hour and 20 minutes from NYC and I promise that despite stereotypes, there are a whole lot of nice people here in NJ😊

Thank you for your quick response! I appreciate it very much!


Ok great, that does help! Thank you!:blush:


Discourse (the forum software) will scold you after several replies in a row, telling you to put them all in one message. Other than that, and the guidelines in the FAQ, there’s really no specific rule. I generally “like” each comment to acknowledge it, unless a specific response seems called for. :slight_smile:


Personally I think that giving a “heart” to anyone that says something nice about your work is more than enough. Respond to those that clearly need more.

I have read or at least skimmed all 700K+ posts in the forum. Responding for the sake of responding doesn’t add anything, and no one ever expects a typed thankyou for just saying “that’s beautiful”. Though forgetting to hit the Like button would seem lacking after a compliment.

Even though this forum can be a community it isn’t intended to be a “Social Media” platform and doesn’t play by the same rigid etiquette as people you work with or those you socialize in the real world.


egg harbor?



Point Pleasant. Maybe that’s why I’m so polite :sweat_smile::laughing:


I’ll just pop in to say that it is really thoughtful of you to even ask at all. We should all take a lesson from you, not the other way around! :slight_smile:

That’s all I got, you’re getting great advice already.


A “like” is usually best IMHO unless there are specifics you should respond to in either direction. Anyone can click on the like and see who did and what order. I have seen posts with many “likes” but needing no discussion, and some with responses indicating they like it but no actual “likes”.


I was raised to reply when some one give me a compliment or advice whether in person or not. When someone gives me a compliment online I reply with a thank you or more.


@McKay, I always “like” what I actually like, yet I’m quite scant.

I only reply if I have an honest heartfelt compliment to give, or post information that I think will contribute to the wealth of this forum.

I agree with @rpegg and @evansd2 that we should learn from you. Thanks for bringing this to my attention.



I lived in NJ for a few years and liked it just fine. But I’m from New England and we believe in a bit more straight shooting than other parts of the country. :slight_smile:


That’s such a nice thing to say, thank you :relaxed:

This is the same with me. If I ‘heart’ something, it already means that I like it…and to acknowledge that I saw and read the post.


Isn’t that the same place from the movie The Mothman Prophecies? Or maybe it’s a different movie… I can’t recall.


Haha, you’re right! It was a town called Point Pleasant, but that one was in West Virginia I think. There was a TV series called “Point Pleasant” which was actually based on our town here in NJ but I think it only ran for one season. I feel like it aired around 2004/2005?

Also- one of the houses used to film good old “Jersey Shore” - the bane of every NJ resident’s existence :laughing:- is about 8 minutes from me. They filmed in several locations nearby. I’m not proud of that fact, trust me- they’re one of the reasons some people have a deep hatred for NJ in general - and ironically- fun fact- almost all of them were NOT even from NJ!!!


:smiley: That’s funny! Yeah, I don’t watch those shows… haha

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Me neither😆

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