Generative SVGs for engraving

The tricky part of describing it is that both the amplitude and the frequency of the sine waves change with brightness, and there is a UI option to invert the light/dark directions. It was even difficult to describe in code, that’s why the sliders in the UI are non-technical terms and somewhat vague; one slider may adjust multiple things. :smile:


What an awesome idea! I love it… thanks so much for sharing!


This is so incredibly cool!

As a side note, it’s a fuzzy legal matter to dedicate something to the public domain - you might consider the BSD license instead, which mostly does the same thing but also gives you a bit of legal protection.


That is epic!

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I’m having fun with it.


That looks spectacular! (Can’t wait to play with this one of these days!) :smiley:


So much this. It’s important for everyone to understand that works are copyrighted by default and that no license literally means that no license is granted.

Great info and help from Github here.


:exclamation: :exclamation: :exclamation: :exclamation:

Wow - that’s super-nice!

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This is why I don’t post code often. :frowning2:

Call me “old fashioned” or an “idealist”, but I like things simple. I’d rather not have 9-year-old kids getting into coding look at my code, want to do something with it, and then have to even think about which license it is.

I’m well aware of copyright laws (as a former professional musician) as well as IP-related laws (having dozens of patents for ideas at day jobs).

Not everything needs to be licensed… There was a time when people actually shared ideas freely. Crazy, I know. :wink:

I just added a license (The Unlicense) to make folks happy. I just want to make art. :grin:


I feel ya. I would love to not think about it myself.

Thanks much for making and contributing your art.


Thanks for sharing the code and also how to use from Github - I have seen a number apps like this but never understand the process for actually using - so great to see a simple step-by-step process.

Bookmarked for the when the GF arrives…


It’s killing me. I’m trying out ideas I’ve had from a year ago and then something as cool as this pops up, along with the other topic about the fractals. Not enough time! Thanks so much.


I’m gonna echo @Tex99, This was also my first time using github, and you made it a pleasure for me. Maybe less intimidating than it could have been: Processing was looking a bit familiar after now having spent a few hours messing with the Arduino.


Thanks - I also try to keep things simple for other folks too. :slight_smile:

Github (or any version control system) can definitely be intimidating if you’re working with lots of code with multiple developers and different versions of code, but as a simple space to store and share code it’s great.

And Processing is super-cool for being fairly easy to get up and running with, much like Arduino. A lot of the heavy lifting is behind-the-scenes and away from the app developer, but there if needed. This app is one of the more verbose Processing ones I’ve done, and that’s mostly just for handling the UI! The core algorithm stuff is pretty small.


@jbv and @tex99 and anyone else that starts messing around on GitHub - I’d be happy to try to help answer any questions or figure out how to do something there. I spend a lot of my day in Git for work and have had to do a lot of things with it.


Very nice work! Thanks for sharing.

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Very cool! Thank you


Lol, I used a surplus gas mask bag as my caving pack back in the day. Held up for 5years of abuse while everyone else barely got they bags through a season or two :smile:


And nice job on the app! Very cool idea. I assume with the sine wave lines this is vector “engraveable”? So theoretically faster than rastered…


Mind sharing your “collection”?