Generative SVGs for engraving

This is awesome! You should name it ‘joy vision’

I already used that reference up years ago :wink:


@gwygonik Amazing work - thanks for sharing - I have been playing with it and I am excited for the promise it shows as a tool to use with the glowforge.

Unfortunately I don’t seem to be able to save out to svg and I see the following error in the log

textMode(SHAPE) is not supported by this renderer.

Any ideas if there are any other dependencies or what may cause this? Thanks in advance

I just looked in the location of the output in the logs and the svg was output correctly. So that error in the log does not affect the output. Thanks again :smile:

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Glad you found the SVG. That error message stems from somewhere deep in the bowels of Processing, related to saving as SVG, but isn’t called or referenced by code in the app. Annoying, but luckily doesn’t impact output. :slight_smile:

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This is wonderful but I need help using it. I installed Processing and SquiggleDraw, and succeeded in running it so the Rachel Carson picture showed up. I couldn’t figure out how to add other files though. When I chose OPEN from the menu, none of my graphic image files appeared (jpg,pdf, svg, eps). Under the SKETCH menu I succeeded in uploading a fil, which went to the data folder, but I still couldn’t figure out how to select it and run it using your program.

I’m working on a PC running Windows 10. I moved the SquiggleDraw folder from DOWNLOADS into PROGRAM FILES (86).

That’s about my limit of technical knowledge. If you can help me take the next step I’d appreciate it . My GF just arrived and I’d love to use your program! Thanks.