Generator for intricate cutouts like gentile waive pencil box and others

New to GF and trying to not overthink things, I found the MakerCase box generator. Worked like a charm! I am on task to make an index card holder box and wanted to put decorative cuts in the box. Surely there are those patterns out there to be placed in software.


Do mean an engraving on the front to make it pretty, or modifications to the tabs to make them something other than rectangular?

For the former - yes, a search on the forum for will get you quite a few - out on the web even more

For the latter - yes, this post: Variations of finger joints has a whole conversation to get you started :slight_smile:

Have fun!


thank you I will take a look

Your second link seems to be the same as the first. I don’t think that’s where you wanted to point.

Thanks! Fixed :slight_smile:

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