German Forum


Can you make a German Forum ?


Yes, that will be very helpfull für all German speaking user.


Ich kann mir nicht vorstellen das es hier Bereiche mit unterschiedlichen Sprachen geben wird. Aber bei der großen Hilfe die dieses forum jedem anbietet bin ich mir sicher das du auch antworten bekommst wenn du die Frage in deutsch stellst.
If the language isn’t the problem I will be very happy to have a German thread about suppliers or German topics in generel.


I would say go right ahead! If anybody wants to know what you are saying they can always run the page through Google translate,


Yes, there is already a Hispanic language thread on the forum. No reason not to create one for the German language as well if people will be able to get help that way.


That’s one of my favorite entertainments. :blush:


Though maybe not always the most accurate :laughing:


Unfortunately, we can only provide support in English. I see that you’ve opened a new thread for now.

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