Get back to 12x20

So when I originally bought my glowforge pro I had the whole usable bed of 12x20 and after the speed update it went to the 11x19.5
Is there anyway I can go back to the 12x20?

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The whole bed was never accessible (it has never been more than it is now) . Maybe you’re talking about the engrave area? If you decrease the speed of your engrave, you will have more space on the bed.


The max useable area hasn’t changed.

The engrave area may get smaller than when you first received your machine if you’re using the faster beta speeds for raster images, but the actual cut area has always been what’s listed in the below tech specs screenshot.


Here’s the history of published specs from the GF site. As you’ll see, there have been no changes to the max cutting area since April 2018.

If you are engraving, however, the max size changes with the head speed, where faster is smaller.

9/24/2015 – Max bed size listed as 12 x 20 (no mention of max cutting area)
10/9/2016 – Max cutting area listed for the first time: 11.5 x 20.4
April 2017 – Production units begin shipping
10/10/2017 – Max cutting area updated to 11.5 x 20.0
4/22/2018 – Max cutting area updated to its current value of 11.0 x 19.5


The cut area has not changed since I received my machine in 2017. One of the first things I did was cut the maximum size rectangle out of a piece of PG to use the “frame” as a ruler for placement. The dimensions are just under 19.5x11, exactly what I have today.

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Way back in 2016 before anyone had unit, the spec did claim 12x20"working area. But as everyone has said above, the unit never hit those specs.

Midway thru they did improve on it.