Get rid of Glowforge background

very new with this machine. Trying to start a new project but the workspace shows the background of the inside of the Glowforge (Aura). How do i get rid of that image so that i have a clean workspace that i can see what i am doing. btw, I am not even connected to the machine.

Thanks for your help

There’s no official way to do it, but if you drag these into your bookmarks bar, it will give you buttons to turn the background on and off. Could stop working at any time, unsupported, etc., etc.


thank you so much. I will try this next time. I finally just put a blank 12 x 12 white scrapbook paper in
the machine and let it do it’s thing to show a smooth whitish work surface. I hope they improve the design software to be more user friendly and with more options. Of course, the problem may just be me, the learning curve and not knowing what I am doing.

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Despite the name, it’s not really meant to be a full fledged design space. Gf assumes either you’ll do only minor designs or additions to designs you buy(like adding a name to something) or you’ll have a full-fledged design program and import from there(such as illustrator, inkscape, gimp etc).

Trying to make a custom Whahoo board that I designed in Canva. Had a power surge (stormy) with about 15 minutes left to finish cutting. It would not pickup where it left off, so I cancelled and started the print over. It did not align where it was before and I did not touch a thing. Because of this, it ruined my project. Very frustrated. I think for now, I will go back to my Cricut and scrapbooking, which is my comfort zone.

One other thing that might help: in the three-dots menu, under preferences, you can change the color scheme to make it a little easier to see.


There are ways to help with alignment, but as I only have the pro I am not sure of how the Aura is different. However, If I had both Cricut and Aura I would lean to the strength of each. There is a lot of things they will both do but each has weaknesses the other does not and so would go where it worked best.

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