Getting "Bump Alert", Laser hits right side when starting up, Stuck on Centering or Homing Often,

Oh guys and ladies, I’m struggling here. We are having a few problems.
We’ve had the GF for almost three weeks and about half the time we turn it on it gets stuck on “homing” or “centering”. That’s been a pain, but after shutting it down a couple times and doing what we’ve read here it eventually works. It definitely slows us down though. Now we are getting the “bump” alert. We cleaned all the mirrors and lenses a few days ago and everything was working after that, so I know it wasn’t anything from the wiping down and I know it’s clean. When it tries to center the laser keeps going on the track until it hits the end on the right, and wants to keep going for another second or so.
I messaged the lady whose code I used to buy our PRO with a picture of my GF bed and then what my computer screen showed because I’ve always felt like it cuts off the top and left parts of my material. I feel like I’m down to the lip of the honeycomb tray and all the way to the right and it still isn’t showing the last part of the left and top sides. She told me it was just fine, and I figured she knew better than me. Also, when I line things up to cut in my GF and then press the “print” button on my computer the image always moves some on the screen from where it just was.

As for the bumping, thoroughly examine the track on each side, make sure there’s not a small piece of debris hidden there somewhere.
As for the misalignment, if you haven’t done so, do this

And not having all of your material in your usable cutting area is normal. Your pg sheets are 20x12, but you really only have a usable are of closer to 19x11


Thanks for the quick response. We just did a check and there wasn’t anything on the track.
It’s been been recalibrating for close to an hour and has been at 75%. “Taking measurements your height material” for just about 30 minutes but the head is up in the top left hand corner not doing anything. Do you think it froze? Do I refresh the page? Turn everything off and try again? I’m so disheartened right now. I think we’ve spent more time waiting for centering, homing, coming online, and now all of this than we have used the machine. We’ve been extremely careful and followed all directions from the start. This machine is a huge purchase for our little family and we are almost a month in without really feeling like it’s been worth it. We see all the potential and know we can really make our business grow with the GF, but it’s got to work. :disappointed:

I’m sure they can get you on the right track. But if it’s been focusing for an hour, you probably do need to restart.
Does it do the same thing when you load the gift of good measure design?

If it’s taking an hour on the camera calibration, that’s not unusual. is your material completely flat?

I’m sorry that you’ve run into trouble with your Glowforge. I see you’ve already emailed us about this, and we’ve sent you some next steps there, so I’m going to close this thread.