Getting just a bit fed up with 'Discourse'(?) settings

So, I read a post in the ‘Latest’ category, and if it’s the last post that is new to me, it goes from a pale blue background to white, and I know that I can close, and move on.
Rant warning.
However, why the **** does it not do that if I have the last few postings, perhaps 2 or 3 ?
The first unread one is blue, then the rest are clear. I read that, and it clears, but it only takes a second or two to read the rest, and as they are already white , I move on.
Only then do I find I’ve still got the same post as unread, and when I go back, sure enough, the last one is now blue.
Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagh. Get it frigging sorted, please.
Rant over, and I’ll finish my pizza and vodka lunch.


I can’t see any reason in the source that this would be an issue :confused:

Could you expand your thinking please, as I’m not sure if you mean that this would not be difficult to change, or that it shouldn’t be an issue for me.

If you are referring to the little blue circles that indicate that you’ve “read” a post. I don’t see any obvious reason why they wouldn’t clear. After reading the post again, I’m not 100% sure which which indicators you are talking about. There are so many of them…

Also, I didn’t write Discourse. Mostly this post just gave me a reason to finally download and read the source for fun. As it turns out its a really clean and easy to read code base.

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Took me a while to find the behaviour in order to describe it more fully.

With just the last post unread when you visit it, the background is blue, and as soon as discourse decides you have read it(seems to be about 4 seconds) is changes to white, and you’re good to go.
If however there are several post since you last visited, only the first unread one is blue, and clears, then the next ones have the little blue spot, which fade as you slowly progress down the post.
However, if you’re a fast reader it’s easy o get ahead of the clearance, and closing that post shows the thread once more in the ‘Latest’ category.
But if there are only two, possibly three posts unread, all the blue spots clear, and closing the thread often, if not always, gets me back to the same post showing up again.
On the next visit, the last post is blue background, and the 4 second reaction time returns.

I’m aware of this behaviour, and I do try to allow for it, but on many, and I repeat many occasions, I’ve been sent back to the same post three times !
I hope that gives you a fuller understanding of the behaviour that is not good for my blood pressure !

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More consistent behaviour that I’m noticing.
If the new post to be read(background blue) has one or two posts following it, they don’t show the little blue dot associated with unread posts.
The first one goes clear(after the usual 4 seconds) so with the next ones brief, quickly read, and hit the return button to get back to the updated ‘Latest’ list, and sure enough, the thread is still there.
Go to it, and the last one is blue, as unread.

Yes, Discourse is a bit weird when it comes to marking things as read. For example, if the last post in a thread has been deleted then it can cause problems with being able to get the thread marked as read. That bug has been around for a long time and it doesn’t look like a high priority for Discourse to fix.

Just ignore it.

Tim, I think that’s very good advice, and I will try to take it.
Just at a low point, especially today - long way from home, and two funerals in two days.


Sorry to hear that…I’m also a bit in the dumps. Total tax prep exhaustion. (Need a nap in the worst way.)

Might go with the early nap/sleep -here be 8pm, so electric blanket on, and an hour’s time may
hit the hay !

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Sometimes you just need it. Enjoy! :smile:

Goodnight Jules, and friends everywhere !
:upside_down_face: :sleeping:

I’ve learned that this will sometimes happen if I click my browser’s back button. If I click the category listing at the top (Everything Else) or the glowforge logo it never happens. The annoyance is that the buggy method returns you to where you were in the list, whereas the bug-avoidance method places you at the top of the list and then you have to scroll down.

So we’re stuffed either way !
Ho hum… but thanks for the observation - interesting catch.
Recently noticed that I can’t post a series of dots <3, unless they’re spaced like . . . . . . . .

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That’s because the computer knows what you meant to do and corrects your feeble human errors. If you don’t think that is what you meant to do, well you’re wrong. As a committed Linux user you may not have been properly trained yet.


I get the same feeling that the universe is doing the same thing to me . . . .
. . . I’ve not been fully trained yet.


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