Getting my stuff organized

My GlowForge fodder was beginning to take over my regular shelves and encroach on my floor space, and since I have a new PG order on its way I thought I’d better do something about it.

Yeah, I know the small text is upside-down. At the last minute I changed my mind about mounting them on the horizontal edges, and put them on the side instead. But I can read upside-down, so it’s okay! :sunglasses:


SVG file for the shelf tags is right here.




I’m jealous.


Looks good … Not sure we can have enough storage.

Where’s your padauk shelf? The yellowheart? Blood wood? Purple heart? Mahogany? Need moar shelves!

(Srsly though, super jealous :wink: )

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First I have to collect more IKEA Billy shelves. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I got 10 of them, like new, for $250 from a retiring teacher who had them in her classroom, and lined them up around the walls of my craft area to hold all my stuff!

Then last weekend I scored 2 more for free because they had no backs, hence the extra shelves. Craigslist is awesome!

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I could use something like this… shelves that will hold 12"x24" materials for my vinyl cutter. I’d like at least 6 shelves but the weird thing is they don’t need to be very tall, even an inch would be OK because the materials are paper thin. If anyone knows of something like that I can click and buy I would love to know.

I was just about to ask what you were using for shelves!

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Ugh! Super jelly! I’m sorry I saw that 'cause I’m in the middle of a big organizational push too. :neutral_face:

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Lookup safco flat files. I got one used literally last night off craigslist for $100. SUPER deal. I am flush with storage now.

Mine is 5 drawers at 36”x48”. Yeah, 3x4 FEET. It’s not a small unit for sure.

This one is like it, albeit smaller and far more expensive since it’s new:|Shopping_All_Products_RPC-|&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIxJOi7t_W2gIVxVYNCh13GwHlEAQYBiABEgK-KfD_BwE

You can find them used in most cities because architectural firms frequently sell old ones.


Great lead, thanks!

We have a 54" flat file serving as more than half the base of our guest bed (it’s the same width as a full size mattress). LOVE that thing. Also a craigslist find for about $100.