Getting notice that my camera wont scan

I own a Glowforge Pro, only had it since mid May of 2022. I had no issues up until 2 days ago, when i received a message that popped up on the bottom right corner telling me that my camera wouldnt scan. This led me to follow the directions linked in the pop up in effort to reset the camera and connect, unfortunately did not help/didnt fix the issue so i followed the next suggested step which was ordering a replacement black cable for my machine.

Has anyone else had this issue? If so what was the outcome? Please share any and every possible detail that you think could be useful… I have orders to complete and being stuck in limbo until the part arrives tomorrow has my anxiety and stress through the roof. Thanks for reading and I hope someone can shed some light on a possible solution for me!

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As you are under warranty, support would have sent a cable for free, It’s historically been the first step after providing pics that all connections are good.

Sometimes it resolves the issue, all you can do is try it and see.


Mine is not working either. Scanning the entire bed but showing it only as 10"x15". I tried cleaning all my lenses. I tried to recalibrate multiple times but always get an error. I also can’t Set Focus. I constantly get an error. Waiting to hear back from support.

That’s a but less then the 11x19-ish you should be able to see.

Have you

  • zoomed all the way out in the GFUI?
  • made sure your crumb tray is properly positioned all the way forward? The curved part should tuck into the front door and tray feet settle into dimples in the bottom of the case.
  • placed your material all the way at the front of the crumb tray?

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