Getting right-sized materials in Canada (BC)

Hey folks! I’m relatively new to the community having only had my glowforge for a few weeks now.

So far I’m loving it and have made some great stuff with the sample materials that came with it. Afterwards, I’ve been struggling to find a source for materials that actually fit the Glowforge’s smaller bed. The proofgrade materials are great, though availability is a bit sporadic, and obviously shipping will be a bit much. Inventables is the same issue, plus they aren’t right sized.

I ordered a bunch from Trotec, but again, they’re all 12x24 boards/acrylic sheets, so I will have to cut them down (which isn’t easy in an apartment in Vancouver.

So I was wondering if there were any other folks in BC or Canada that have had experience with getting materials or having their materials cut down to fit.


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Pro or basic? You can cut the ends off with the pro pretty easily…

Plus. Would have gone pro had I done material research ahead of time but, alas.

This may help

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For acrylics that are 1/8 inch / 3.2 mm or less you just need a utility knife and a straight edge. score the material on one side and snap it over the edge of a table or countertop. You can always use a cheap cutting board to protect the surface you’re using to support the material.


I don’t know how close you are to a Home Depot but they make plywood project panels of various woods in 1/4 and 1/8 inch thicknesses that are 12"x19". This is a little smaller than proofgrade, but I have found they fit the printable area of my Plus pretty well, and they come in packs of 10. I definitely recommend some Honeycomb bed holdown pins because the panels can sometimes have a slight curvature and the pins not only help achieve a flat cutting surface but also help consistently align the smaller sheets.

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12x19 would do nicely! There’s one not too far. And good call on the pins.

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Hey @kumpy, Check out They have wood and acrylic to fit the Dremel machine which is the same size. No border hassles. I am in the Lower Mainland - Chilliwack.


To practice I buy off-size acrylic cutoffs at a local acrylic distributor for cheap, but they are always larger than the GF bed size, so I usually have to make one or two cuts as described above.

As much as I score acrylic, even on both sides, the snap always goes of in a random direction ruining half the material and leaving a an unwanted section on the remaining half. What am I doing wrong? Any advice?

I go fairly deep with some good scores on both side. Then I put it against a door jamb and use the door as a press break. It works great to put the score right on the corner of a door and swing against it.

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Great idea @marmak3261, I´ll try that next time. Thanks!

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Settings for non-Proofgrade materials can only be discussed in the Beyond the Manual forum.

Good to know ! Thanks

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