Getting SO close

I’m building a special workbench for my GF because I have limited space. I’m also prepping some first projects and buying materials.

What is everyone else doing to prepare for their shiny new laser?


Any photos of the space and the workbench? I have 'til 3/31/2017 to prepare. First step, clear a space for a table. - Rich


The “Christmas morning” like excitement of figuring out where my GF would go and doing all the pre-delivery setup/preparation was done over a year ago. That excitement phase has long since passed.

Now? Simply waiting for the email requesting my shipping address. . .


I ordered all my minor parts I needed for small projects about a month ago. They’ve all started arriving so it makes waiting even worse. Eyelets and Steel Wire keychain cable for Leather luggage tags. Glass flasks - under 2" for engraving. Chicago screws for a wall mount gumball machine. Cheap silicone iPhone cases for engraving. I ordered most from Aliexpress, they typically take over 30 days to arrive and I wanted to make sure I had ready to go.


Ordering acrylic, LEDs, stone tile, leather, hardwoods and… (pant)… and…
Spending an inordinate amount of time just leaning on the bench visualizing a laser in the space that stands ready!

It occurs to me that all of this lead time represents what could have been great sales potential for the Glowforge store had it been ready.
No doubt that had occurred to the team, who chose instead to focus on the most important product!
First things first.



  1. Built a table to fit the space available for it.

  2. Prepared a plexiglass panel for the window that has a 4 inch dryer hose connector running through.

  3. Bought a small halotron extinguisher and a couple of welding blankets.

  4. Picked up some materials for testing and some supplies that I will need to use them, like glues and the list below:

  • LED lights and hardware for edge lit acrylic.

  • Some cheap 1/8" plywood.

  • Sheet of plexiglass. (Leftover from the window panel.)

  • Sheet of vegan leather. (veg tanned - whatever)

  • Laser safety goggles. (Yep just a Basic, but I don’t take chances.)

  • Roll of that paper tape for the surface of materials to mask against char.

  • Skiving knife for the leather. (Also works to pry up prints so it’s pulling double duty.)

  • Better pair of calipers.

Other stuff along those lines. :relaxed:


Quite a list. I started imagining what you might be planning for those materials, then I wandered off into what I might make with those. I love this forum. Go GF! - Rich


Keeping this list for myself too. - Rich


So I’ve had a vent in my new Glowforge studio for 4 months.
Been considering all sorts of GF tables.

We decided to sell the house.

On the plus side, I will have a large pile of consistent cardboard that will NOT get posted on craigslist under the title of “free moving boxes.”

But the new house hasn’t been found, since the old one is still occupied.
With a custom Glowforge vent.


No photos yet, still waiting for parts to arrive. I’m building it out of 80/20. I have a workspace I share with my girlfriend in our loft and my current workbench is too low and a bit too narrow for the GF to sit under. I also have the problem of needing a work surface, tool storage, and the laser to all occupy the same space, because that’s the space I have. My solution is the workbench with a lower shelf to hold the laser and a 42inch work surface for finishing and other projects. There will two layers of shallow tool drawers directly under the work surface (not picture) so the lid of the GF will still be able to open wide enough to use. I’ve added the design drawing to this post, I’ll post pictures when it’s done!


I will do this like @jkopel I will wait my Glowforge to made the panel :wink: I will use this reference :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Ditto for me. One exception though…my excitement rose then waned, but is beginning to build all over again.


I’m hoping to do this, too. Maybe engrave the panel or make it into something like stained glass. Want to be able to replace the ugly metal dryer vert piece with something that looks much lovelier in a window.


Same here. Getting my teeny tiny office space ready for full on Glowforgery! Shelves, shelves and more shelves, custom lower table for GF, material bins/slots, workbench, etc. Is it December yet?


I made this back in December. It’s designed to hold my GlowForge & Carvey. I’m a one-armed guy and this was one of my first wood-working projects. Followed a Kreg-tools guide and modified length to suit. Blog post here

My next build is air-filtration system using a Hydroponics “grow room” carbon filter & high-powered fan, with industrial pre-filters for catching particles from the CNC that escape it’s Cover


I’d say you have a good future ahead, especially with the GF. Keep the faith, keep on workin’. Have any Carvey stuff to show off? - Rich


Pretending it’s going to magically levitate because these kinds of logistical problems are not my favorite. I know which room it’s going in. I even measured to be sure it would fit. That’s about all the preplanning I can manage. Last time I tried to solve this problem I bought a new desk chair and tons of British candy.

I think I’ll worry about it when it comes.


:grinning: That is sometimes my mode of problem solving. Buy something or download software, then do nothing with it (procrastinate). - Rich


Let me preface this with I have no idea of the filter life.
Factors like materials and usage are going to determine that - but I would think that filter changes would be infrequent, and unless you are a hermit there will be someone in your life you could rope into helping for the minute it would take. No worries.


My girlfriend says I am “Procrastinator”.
Hasta la vista, baby… Naah, maybe later. :smile: