Getting some flames when cutting wood, bigger than candle size?

So I am getting some sustained flames when cutting all of a sudden. Looking around this looks like it could be a clogged hose / a hose that needs to be cleaned?

I had that happen. I cleaned out my machine thoroughly, including the vent, and it went away. :slight_smile:


The air assist fan or the duct fan that goes outside?

Both. They were supper dusty and clogged.

I’ve had this happen and cleaned out the air assist and it corrected it. When you cut, your flame should be blowing to the front if the air assist is working at all…and, shouldn’t have much if any flame…


Yes, a too big flame indicates your air assist is dirty. To be clear, it’s not the tiny fan on the head, the air assist is the one on the back of the carriage plate. Clean both the front where you can see the blades, and the chute on the back.


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