Getting the most out of the forums

Hey! :slight_smile: There seems to be a recent rush of new faces to the forums lately and I just wanted to share my favorite feature to help you get the most out of your forum experience.

So one of the best things about the forum is the wealth of KNOWLEDGE. There are some seriously cool people here. So if your like me, you will constantly be wanting to save a cool fact or post for a later date. And while browser bookmarks are cool, the forum has the feature built in!

Its just barely hidden under the triple dot at the bottom of every post.

Give that a quick tap and it will expand to this:

Smash that bookmark symbol and VIOLA, its saved for later

But where???
Dont worry, click on your face in the top right corner.

You will once again see that bookmark symbol, and it will lead you to a page where all your bookmarks are sorted by date bookmarked. Its a pretty awesome feature and helps me keep the data sorted from all the “squeeeee-ing” (I’m looking at you @Jules ;))

Anyways, hopes this helps keep you involved and getting the most out of your time here.


Guilty! Chuckle! Great idea for a Tutorial though! :wink:


OOL, just going to have to be … :+1:


Hilarious. This makes much more sense than me copy and pasting links and emailing them to myself…


Hadn’t even noticed it. Thanks for the tip!

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