Getting Vector / .SVG files out of Blender For Laser Cutting | Outline To .SVG | Blender Add-on

After a few months of work, it’s here. Outline To .SVG a fast and simple add-on for Blender to be able to export vector lines out of blender at a sub mm accurate scale-out of Blender.

Having made quite a few youtube videos teaching others laser design via paid 3D programs I wanted to make it easier for anyone to jump on board and be able to create intricate things with a laser without having to shell out for a expensive 3D program. One of the best free/opensource 3D programs out there is Blender but unfortunately, It was horrible to be able to get any type of vector file out of it. So with that challenge in mind I’ve done 2 things. 1. Comision an add-on to bring simple and accurate svg exporting to blender and 2. Start a series teaching others how to use blender for precision modeling without the fluff of the video production and organic modeling . If you are interested in learning blender Click here for the playlist.

I really do hope this opens up Blender to the Laser cutting community. And we can slowly explore the powerhouse that is blender and some of the amazing procedural generation aspects that it has built it.


@Maker_Tales, thanks for your effort.

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Wow, very cool!

People here talk all the time about falling down rabbit holes. In this case, I’d say you’ve opened a wormhole to a whole new dimension.

Thank you!


Why thank you. I really do hope this here is a little bit of a snowball effect as I know I’ll be using Blender from now on exclusively. With a bit of luck to i’ll teach a few makers some cool tricks. For example using this other add-on and this new add-on together you can slice anything into a topographic contour model in minutes

Anyway, i’m very glad you like it.


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