GF-ASM-00371-XP LED Strip (Left)

Does anyone know how to order GF-ASM-00371-XP LED Strip (Left)? I need to replace left light strip

Contact support and request one.

I’m highly suspicious of the entire strip failing. People have reported one or two LEDs going out. I would think it would be more likely a cable issue, but go ahead and try to get one if you’re certain.


I agree. The odds of all of the LEDs failing simultaneously are astronomical. My first suspect would be the cable connection on that side.

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The left strip also serves to provide circuit connections to the camera, the OP didn’t say that the lights were not functioning, only that the left strip needs replacing.

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I no the light strip need to be replaced. I am not guessing I can clearly see the problem with the connection. I left messages on glowforge voicemails with no response in days, I just need to purchase a new one Can someone help with this?

Phoning support seems to be hit and miss - have you emailed them?

Your best bet is to send them an email requesting to purchase the part. Be sure to include pictures of the part so you get the correct one, and so they understand the need for a replacement and don’t try to drag you through troubleshooting the issue.

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