GF Built in lights

I don’t know if this has been over looked, or matters but, the two rows of led’s have a purple tinge to them, is this because of the camera, just how the lights are or does it have to be like that so it can detect your own material you supply? I’m still a big user in fluorescent lighting despite led’s can come in cold, cool and warm white and cheaper to run YAWN… but is it a problem to put a tube in or can that affect the guarantee, I imagine it would, but just putting it out there. Thanks!

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They were definitely purple, but they have updated them recently to be more yellow.

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Will we have the option of easily swapping out lights? I think I’d prefer discolights

Unfortunately no, but the yellow’s pretty lovely.

you will have to show us! I guess as long as the laser knows where to go thats all that matters lol, thanks for getting back to me.