GF filter exhaust hose isn't sucking

Hi there! I’ve had my GF for about three weeks and am now coming across an issue. The filter isn’t sucking any of the smoke anymore, machine filling with smoke, smoke coming out of machine, coming out of filter box…

Troubleshooted and unhooked and rehooked everything again…

What I’m noticing is that the filter itself is working, but when I detach the hose from the machine, nothing is being sucked…

any help would be greatly appreciated!

Sounds like the filter medium is full.

What does it look like when you open it? Can you post a pic?


That’s an indication that the filter has filled up and needs to be replaced.

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I’ve barely used the machine though but when I do it’s mainly with wood materials… here’s what the top looks like & the bottom is completely white

That looks full to me.

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This came up earlier today:

They have some rough estimates posted here:

In general, the more particulates you produce, the quicker it will fill up. MDF (draftboard) and MDF-core plywood will fill it up faster. They say engraving will fill it up slower than cutting.

If you’re cutting draftboard 8hrs a day, you might need a filter every day or two. If you’re a casual user mostly cutting hardwoods, it might last a year or more.

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See post above yours. I depends on your usage.

Will you tell me where I can buy a replacement?

I’m just a little baffled that after barely 100 cuts of draft board, I already have to replace the filter…

Draftboard is the worst for clogging the filter.

They are in the store, link above.

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Ohhh nooooooooo! Do NOT cut draftboard with the filter! Draftboard will clog it very quickly, and that’s probably what happened here.

If you need a replacement, they sell them at the Glowforge shop.


ah, thank you so much… unfortunately I did not know that, thank you for your help.

I suppose for future purposes, when cutting draftboard I should vent out the window?

Yes, definitely, if you have a way to switch to venting outside. (I put a quick connect on mine and it’s a quick changeout.)

Do you mind showing me a picture? that would be greatly appreciated!

Yeah, give me a second…I’ll have to find the link…

I can’t believe I actually found this…it’s like post #253 of 892. :smile:

Here’s the link to pictures of my setup:


wow, thank you for much!

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wood and draft board are two totally different animals.

I’m sorry you ran into trouble with your Compact Filter. It looks like you received some excellent information and advice from other community members. Thanks folks!

I see that you’ve emailed us about the filter cartridge, and we’re working on it there, so I’m going to close this thread.