GF has stopped cutting through!

Nope. In my case, 3 machines = 3 “Unfortunately, it doesn’t appear that we’ll be able to resolve the issue remotely” emails. No pews coming out, followed by 2/3 of the cool-juice disappearing overnight. I don’t think there is a firmware fix for that!

Awww crud! Did they give you a repair estimate, or do you have to send it in first to let them look it over?

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I’d have to cough up $200 for shipping just to find out the cost of repair. Which might be reasonable if I otherwise had confidence in the product… but confidence, I do NOT have.

$200 to ship it is just the actual shipping cost for something that large/bulky, but if it helps, I haven’t noticed them overcharging for repairs. If anything they might be undercharging a bit.

I would send it immediately, but you might have a different view, and I can respect that. So good luck deciding what to do.

Somewhere in there it seems like they should extend your warranty. If it were a car most states would stick it into the lemon law category. These things haven’t been in the wild long enough to justify 3 hardware fails that require replacement.

GF made a guess (somewhat educated) as to what the likelihood of failure would be back before they built the first one. That guess seems to have been incorrect. They probably also looked to the market to see what the competition was doing and probably relied on that marketing intelligence more than anything to determine the warranty. It feels from the failure reports we see here that it might be time to reassess that decision.

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Y’all. How long does a response from GF usually take? I’ve heard nothing since Monday about my $6000 paper weight.

I have had a quicker response time than this. Have you tried Support chat? I have no experience with it, but others have posted that when someone is available it has worked well. Also, have you checked your spam email to insure that support didn’t respond to you and the response was in your junk folder?

I don’t know what Support Chat is but I will be trying it! This is ridiculous.
Not in my spam, no. The messages are all together in one thread in my email included the one auto email and the one they actually replied telling me to try something I’d already done. Then crickets since Monday.

I noticed one thing about the Gift of Good Measure photo that you posted and that it does not have a score line that exists in most other photos of this file that I have seen - including mine. Not sure what, if any, relevance that may have but if I were you I would try one more time to cut the Gift of Good Measure. Since your machine is engraving ok (it looks like) I would ignore all steps except the cut portion which includes the outer perimeter and the circles. Double check that you have secured the Proofgrade draftboard flat against your honeycomb and that the cut settings are speed 183 full power. Use the set focus tool and make sure that the beam hits on your material.

I see you have already emailed us about this and we are working on it there. So I am going to close this thread.

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