GF head not moving to take pictures during passthrough

Hi everyone! I’m needing some help. When I go to start a passthrough print, everything is fine. The head of my GF will focus just fine, takes pictures, all is dandy. When I’ve cut the first portion of my print and it’s time to move my material and have the GF head move to take pictures, it doesn’t. It begins saying the print is unsuccessful. I know it’s only because the head isn’t moving to take the picture. And I end up having to align manually which is always a disaster. The head moves fine during my non-passthrough prints. Not sure what it is about the second portion of a passthrough that could cause it not to work. PLEASE HELP ME!!

Sounds like you may need to go straight to Glowforge support directly for help on this one.

Welcome to the community. Sorry you’re here for an issue, but there are lots of folks with passthroughs here - in the meantime @wesleyjames is totally right, you should open a ticket with support (email/website/Discord) because, if nothing else, if it is an mechanical issue you’re further up in the queue to get it addressed :slight_smile:

As fas as aligning manually - have you run the calibration? Most folks end up with sub-milimeter accuracy from the camera after doing so.

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