GF keeps going Offline

I have tried everything that I can find in the support sections, but my GF keeps going offline. I have got to the point that it will connect and start centering, but then go offline. I start over, and the same thing happens.
I have restarted everything. I have tried the set up page multiple times.
I am at a deadline to get something done and I am so frustrated!!
Anything else to make it connect?

This is almost certainly a WiFi connection issue.

Turn off the GF, turn off your PC/iPad. Unplug everything in your network - modem, router, access point, etc.

Wait at least 2 minutes.

Plug in the modem and let it boot. Once all the lights are on and stable, plug in the router or access point. This may not be required if your modem also serves as the router or access point.

Continue with these steps until you get to the GF as the last thing. Turn it on and let it fully boot - 2-3 minutes. I usually wait 5 in case there are updates.

Then try again.

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Many of us have had this experience one time or another… Most likely it’s to do with the network–whether inside your house, the provider band width (what your neighbors are doing) and anything along the 21+ jumps the info takes between your house and GF home base. Resetting your router is usually necessary, too.

I’ve found (based on great advice from another thread) that the best option for me is changing my network channel for my GF, and going from 1 (which is default for everything) to 9 or 11.

Xfinity started to push the approach you only need one network with their latest router since the devices are smart enough to choose if they need 2.5 or 5. Might work for some devices, but not for the GF. So be sure you have a separate 2.5 network for your GF, if you don’t already.

There are many other threads about Offline, and different trouble shooting steps that may be necessary…


Most likely culprit.

To avoid theses issues I connected my GF to my MiFi hotspot. I pay $25/mo for 3g, and given the GF uses very little it’s more than sufficient. I turn the hotspot on when I’m using my GF and off the rest of the time. Keeps the GF on a dedicated network and resetting is really easy - but not needed so far. My GF is in the garage so I’d need an extender anyway and this works better for me.

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Thank you for the help everyone!

@emilymnelsen I’m so sorry you hit a snag. It looks like your Glowforge is connected and you’ve been able to print since contacting us. That’s great!

Could you please let me know if you’re still experiencing any problems?