GF newbie...just had mine for barely a week

I’m starting to learn more about settings through videos and folks in the GF community. My pics may be confusing let me explain again. Basically, my first cut of the snap box GF project engraved well on the left side and not the right. I did not mess with settings beforehand because I thought GF automatically did that for this project.

When I saw the cuts/engraving was weak on the right side I decided to mess with the settings and do a second pass (I didn’t realize that I lowered the power). Anyway, cutting definitely didn’t work because I didn’t have right power, but engraving did not work either so I feel there is still a problem with that side of the bed.

I then dragged the images that were on the right side to the left (underneath the others as you see in the pic) and tried a third time. I increased the power and lowered the speed. Engraving was way too strong and the power of cutting at full did not cut through all the way. This was puzzling because the left side usually worked better. After that, I gave up and decided to clean the lens via the instructions and try the Gift of Good Measure on the right lower side (purposely to see if it would work since that was my trouble side for most bad jobs). Now the Gift of Good Measure worked perfectly on the left side when I first set up my GF. When I used it as a test for the right lower side of the bed (I did not mess with the settings, because I thought GF did that automatically after scanning the PG material), it barely did anything to the material.

That’s where I am now…wondering what is wrong with my machine or am I still missing something on my end?

If you have a Proofgrade material selected and then select manual settings the power will be reset to 1. Always make sure your power settings are correct .

In this image you can see that CUT is shown under the circle to be cut. That indicates an automatic PG selection. If I were to select MANUAL I could then change the speed and power settings. When I do that it will automatically set power to 1 which forces me to change the power to something higher or nothing really happens.

Oh! So if I click “MANUAL” and even do nothing, it will automatically reset to 1 and it will stay that way unless I change it to a different number?

Yep. If you had PG automatic settings first and then went to manual, it will change the settings. You can experiment with settings in the App without ever turning the GF on.


Very eye opening…I’m going to look out for this. Now my issue is the uneven power across the bed. With my box project, I still have no explanation of why it cut/engraved great on one side and not the other OR why the gift of good measure printed so horribly on the right side. I’ve got to try another test now that I am starting to get how things work. I really appreciate your help. and I’m so serious about face timing…if you are not creeped out, I’d love a walk through via face time. lol! im going to try regardless though. I’m so anxious to get this thing working properly!

Yeah, no. Facetime is just not me. Barely comfortable with human interaction. Someone else here may get back with you. Had my Netflix movie on pause for way too long and want to finish before bedtime. Later.


LOL! OMGosh! You are so kind just with how you have helped thus far. Thank you and you enjoy your Netflix movie! :slight_smile:

When one side is different from the other, it could be 1) a problem with the Glowforge, 2) the material is warped on one side and is not pinned flat to the honeycomb tray, or 3) the honeycomb tray is not seated properly. These are not the only 3 possibilities, but they are the most obvious. Make sure the honeycomb tray is properly seated and in properly.

Will do! I checked the crumb tray setting last night and also made sure material didn’t seem warped. I’m gonna try another test, pay attention to settings every step of the way, and see what I get. I’m gonna attempt Gift of good Measure to right side of my bed on PG medium draft board. Fingers crossed.


Just reset Gift of Good Measure design to make sure the settings would be correct and tried again on Medium draft board. Did not cut all the way through or engrave as strong as it did when I first did this project (my very first project last week). When I look at the back it looks untouched.

Now we’re getting somewhere.

If you note the time of that print, support can check the logs to verify the settings were correct (they appear to be). From where I sit, it appears your machine has an issue that will require replacement.

I’m sorry about the ongoing trouble with your Glowforge. I see you emailed us about this as well and I’m sending you some next steps there, so I’m going to close this topic.