GF non Proofgrade settings repository

Hey folks.

Add a new page into the link repository that I’m using to track my settings. I encourage you to add your results too(and still add links!). It’s called “Glowforge laser settings” and please add you wins and failures of settings. Try to group like materials together if possible. Also add pro or basic.

I’m very open to a better layout on this.

Have a good one!


I was just thinking about a Wiki post for Inventables materials. This is great! Thanks!


Thanks for sharing!!

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Great idea. Can you add material thickness (maybe one column for each system…just to make everyone happy)…e.g. Lowes quarter inch acrylic is only .2" thick in reality…but cutting .2 vs .25 will need a cut adjustment…

and a column for lpi (for engraves).

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Sure can.

Also the sheet should be editable by all

Also added a defocus column

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Great idea!

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Awesome resource. Thanks so much for taking the time to set this up and share.