GF not cutting symmetrically from side to side

My Glowforge nicely cuts through the material I am using on the right side of the tray but on the left quarter of the tray it doesn’t quite make it all the way through.

I am using proof grade thick draft board (MDF) so I don’t know the cut settings. My crumb Tray is flat.

That can frequently happen if there is slight warp in the material, or sometimes if you live in a high humidity area…it causes draftboard to swell slightly.

To make sure that the material is flat on the bed, I like to use these Honeycomb Pins to pin down the material. That takes care of any warp very well.

For humidity related swelling, it’s possible to create your own Custom Settings where you slow the speed down by about 5-10 points. It will generally enable complete cut through in one pass instead of taking two to complete the cut. Instructions for how to save your own Custom Draftboard (or any other material) settings are here:

Working with Manual Mode

Once you set them up you can click on them and they load all the settings just like the defaults…one click.

Jules - thanks for the quick reply.

My material is perfectly flat.

I use manual settings for 99% of the cuts I make. What I don’t know is the setting GF uses for the MDF I bought from them.


It’s different for each model of machine. If you want to check what your default settings are, first choose the material at the top of the thumbnail column, then click on the operation in the thumbnail, and click the little carat to the right of the Proofgrade Settings. It should list the speed, power and focal point that are set up as the default for your machine. (If you want to slow the speed down by 5-10 points or so, it will cut through for you.)

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The cut settings on mine for thick draftboard is fp and 132 speed

Thanks for ruling out warp, @pfact and @Jules!

@pfact, would you mind posting a photo or two of a print that didn’t cut as expected?

If you already have an example, knowing the date and time of the print would help us track down that print’s logs. If you’ve already discarded or repurposed the Proofgrade material that you had the problem with, I’d be glad to send you a gift card to replace a piece of Thick Proofgrade Draftboard for testing.

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Dakota -

I ran a file called Field Box Left/Right Side Panel around 5 or 6 pm on Saturday 2/29

I worked around the problem by using the center of the cutting field as much as possible.


Phillip Factor, D.O., M.H.L., F.C.C.P.

Unfortunately, it looks like your unit is experiencing an issue that we can’t resolve remotely. Since this unit is out of warranty, we can send it in for our repair service. I’ll be in touch via email shortly to sort out the details. I’m so sorry about the bad news.

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