GF not Focusing Properly

I was able to cut wood and acrylic this weekend. Today, I received this message, “An error occurred on your Glowforge. Please refresh your browser before printing. It may also help to turn your Glowforge off and then on again.” I have restarted my computer and GF, and I have cleaned all mirrors. It is smoking ALOT! How do i fix this?

This is my problem also! Can anyone help?

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If it’s smoking a lot, check the air assist fan to be sure it’s clean.


A common issue is when the main lens is placed in upside down which smokes a lot but doesn’t cut much. The key memory meme is “cup side up”


Let me check

It is inserted correctly.

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Can you post photos of the top and bottom of the last piece you tried to cut, the left side of the printing head and the window under the left side of the machine? If the air assist fan is doing its job, you should be seeing the smoke blown strongly to the front of the machine. Also what material are you cutting?

I’ve had my machine throw that error using ‘set focus’ when the object was just a hair too tall for the machine to focus.

I was able to figure out the issue or this is what I did and it started to work. I just cleaned the vent on the air filter. Checked and cleaned the lenses and camera. Restarted the laser. Now its working.


That is another haunted rabbit hole :face_with_spiral_eyes: Really smokey stuff like MDF, or even oak can eat a filter in days. The filter needs to run for some time after you are finished to pull the gunk deeper into the filter instead of clogging the front. If the smoke has no place else to go the smoke flows out where air is supposed to be flowing in, making the whole room smokey. This is not more smoke than is usual, just that it is in the room rather than in the filter.

I remember someone with a new filter (when it was first released) clogging theirs in just a few hours of use, engraving or cutting MDF (Draftboard). It’s posted here somewhere.

Hello. I am experiencing the same as issue. Stuck on centering. I have done the following:

  1. Cleaned the vent
  2. Cleaned all mirrors and lenses
  3. Powered off GF. Closed browser.
  4. Powered off GF. Open lid. Powered on GF. Received lid open message. Closed lid. Lense moved to camera line. “Centering”
  5. Restarted everything including router.

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