GF Offline and cannot reset wifi

The Glowforge will not connect(offline). Also, I’ve tried resetting the wifi with no luck. I can hold down the button for a minute with no result. Any solutions for this?

I would turn off wifi and the glowforge. Then turn on wifi… make sure it’s fully up and connectable. Then power on the glowforge.

I have had the glowforge say it was offline after doing this and I just walk away from it and EVENTUALLY it decides it’s going to connect. Sometimes that’s 10-15 minutes later… and at least once it was an hour or more later.


Hi @carl.whitley. I’m sorry to hear that you ran into some trouble with your Glowforge going offline. I see that we’re working with you on this through email as well. I’ll go ahead and close this thread to avoid any potential confusion. Thank you!