GF operating environment limits?

Does anyone have any information about the limits of the environment that the GF can operate in? Specifically, I’m interested in how hot and humid an environment it can operate in for extended times.

There is a little info on heat considerations here:

Last I heard they were still profiling some of this…


Don’t know why I didn’t get a notification for this, but thanks for the reply. I hope to get some more information at some point. Summers in Japan can be hell, and most people just sweat it out if they’re not in a climate-controlled skyscraper in the city. Although it would be possible to create a space that holds at 70 F, it would be really helpful to have some more specific guidelines to work within!

It sounds like you may need to get the pro. If not - you will need to provide cooling somehow or just live with he pauses. Originally, I was going to get a window AC unit and direct some of its output to the air intake on the GF. I don’t know if that is plausible for you or not - but everyone seemed to think that would work great, and Dan mentioned it would have no effect on warranty (unlike other solutions, such as tearing the GF open and moding the cooling system!)

Hello @cedarandmiso,

@Dan recently posted this on the “Cooling Question” thread in Q&A topic area:
“There are built in temperature sensors. If you’re planning on operating at 77F, you will likely need the pro model with its greater cooling capabilities.”

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I do have the Pro on order, but even 77 degrees is super optimistic for summer around here! To cut down on air conditioning costs most businesses have a system called ‘cool biz’, where men are allowed to wear short sleeved shirts with their suits, and so lots of indoor spaces are kept around 80 or even higher. I was thinking I might have to rig up a little enclosure with PVC pipes and plastic sheeting, and use something like this spot air con unit…

There is also a setting in your preferences that might be related: down in the Other category:

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Thanks @Brandon and @B_and_D_T! I will try what you suggest!

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Totally jealous over here knowing you live in Japan. Supposing my business takes off with the things the GF can help me make, i definitely will be planning a trip over there for a couple weeks.

If you make it down toward the Kumano Kodo you can drop in and see what I’m doing with my GF!

Enough about how to format replies already… @dan, is there any way to get more concrete info on environmental limits for the GF models, or will that have to wait until masspro?

I have 2 Universal lasers and the optimal performance temperature recommended is 73° - 77° with low humidity. My lasers cost 15K each so I keep them in an air conditioned work space with a dehumidifier. My oldest laser has lasted well beyond the normal life of a laser tube. I use them every weekday for hours…If you want something to last…take care of it…simple as that.


Just got back from a vacation to Japan last month with the family! It was a great cultural experience:

Our early tests at 25C looked great but we haven’t tested higher yet.

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Hi @dan, good to see that your kids experienced the authentic, reserved traditional culture this country has to offer.

Thanks for the reply. 25 C is quite conservative. It’s doable, but the aircon bill in the summer will add up. I do hope you are able to do some stress testing and get us numbers sometime. I’ll probably get my unit right in the height of summer, so…

Is there any lower temp range to be concerned about? Lack of central heating in the winter has its own set of problems here!

Wow. Folks on this board are pretty good about what to expect with the production Glowforge units. But it’s now no mystery how unrealistic expectations can begin.

This is so mind blowing. And I am glad you had a break. Couldn’t tell you were gone from my point of view. And I’ll just chalk this up as another sign that all is well in glowforgeville when the CEO can take a vacation. I sure hope you got some rest and enjoyed you and the family.

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