Gf post it note holder with coaster

Has anyone made the Glowforge Post-It note holder with coaster? There are no directions and I’m trying to figure this out without wasting wood. I think it might be 4 layers, I really don’t get it.


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I went to the catalog and did a search and could not even find a file like that. Is that the actual name of it?

It’s file name is…Thick plywood custom and - personalized post-it Holder with coaster. I’m not even sure how I found it, I don’t remember if I just happened to find it or I was looking for it before I made one on my own…but, there are no directions.
it’s pretty easy looking but putting the image on I don’t want to waste wood.

still can’t find it. Can you post a link to it?

I’ll try…LOL It was actually a super easy cut. It comes with 4 patterns, on the 2 next to each other you do the design and it cuts and scores. They came out really cute.
this isn’t exactly it…but I can’t find it now either.Post-ItPost-it

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Just found the real one :slight_smile: Post-it

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It should be set up exactly how it needs to be done in the GFUI. However many pieces there are is however many layers there are. I can’t tell you really…but seems to me if you do all the steps for cutting, engraving, and scoring, you’ll end up with all the pieces and artwork that you need…then just look carefully at the photos and stack them all up until they look like the pictures.

The coaster will be the piece that’s cut out of the top layer. Then maybe there’s only one more layer…or possibly two. I think you’ll figure it all out pretty easily. Good luck.


That has to be the laziest catalog design I’ve seen yet. It’s just two rectangles, doesn’t even contain the artwork from the catalog listing, and has no assembly instructions. If I had purchased it I’d want a refund! I reported the design and left my opinion of it there.


The person that submitted it isn’t even a member here.

It still astounds me that people spend thousands on a laser without having even the most basic design skills.

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I place a lot of the blame for these problems on the vetting…or the lack thereof…by the GF design team. They’re very inconsistent with their requirements…not to even mention much of an aesthetic when it comes to creativity. Someone who glues a wooden circle to an earring back gets the same ‘pay’ as I do for a complex design.


Sometimes the catalog team removes the artwork on an item, claiming that users can add whatever artwork to it they want. It is not done consistently across the board, and I don’t understand the reasoning, but that’s what they’ve done.

Catalog designers can list whatever name they want. For each design, you enter the name you want to have displayed. So there is no way to know who it is. Theoretically, a designer could use a different name displayed each time.

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