GF Premium - Free Files / Streamline it please

Hello GF!

Big fan. And a suggestion to make the experience so much better for users paying the $15/mo to access all free premium files.

  1. Make a single button “Download All” and users don’t have to click each individual file. It is so time-consuming and takes away from the fun stuff.

If a “Download All” button isn’t an option, then …

  1. Make a button that shows only the free files that have not yet been downloaded. Even searching by “New to old” only helps initially, but if you can’t download all new fiiles at this time, when you come back, other files sneak into the mix and there have been times where I discover a really cool file that I didn’t see on my initial search. We need the ability to only search for free premium files that we haven’t downloaded.

Thank you!


Welcome to the community. You should send your suggestion directly to They do not monitor this forum. We’re all just other users here like yourself and have no power to implement new things.


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