GF Pro Fan Already Broken

I purchased a GF Pro just a few months ago and have followed all the regular cleaning process. I have done cleaning on the fan but it is next to impossible to get access to the fan on the GF Pro and even harder to clean. Already after a few short months the fan has stopped working completely. I cannot even get it to turn on during the cleaning process.

Is there a way to completely remove the GF internal fan and just run an aftermarket one?

Many people have installed “inline fans” to get around having to use the one in the machine because its too loud, hard to clean, ect… If you search the forum in the upper right for “inline fan” it has been discussed at length. If you are still under warranty you might want to get it fixed but that is up to you and the support staff.

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Thank you. I purchased 6" AC Infinity in line fan last week and just had not hooked it up yet. The machine is only 4 months old now so it should be covered under warranty. Probably the best option to get it fixed then connect up the infinity. Seems like I have seen a lot of posts about challenges with the internal fan. Appreciate your time!


I had several problems happening including a dead fan on my pro, as it was near Christmas I added the external fan, but shipped it off just before New Years when I was 11 months in, and something else broke. I would hook up the infinity fan and hold the right to send it in later, that way if something else happens it is only one trip to the mothership.

Thank you! Thats a great idea. I really don’t want to send it back right now if I can avoid it. Appreciate the insight. Still waiting to hear back from Glowforge support, when I hear back this is definitely the path to pursue.

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I see you already emailed us about this and we’re working on it there, so I’m going to close this topic.