GF Pro Not Cutting Straight Lines, Text Etc

Hello - I am an experienced GF Pro owner and keep exceptional care of my machine. December 2022 one of my carriage wheels snapped and I replaced both wheels and then did a deep cleaning of my machine. However, I’ve noticed that my machine is not cutting straight edges (from left to right … vertical lines seem ok). The deviation from a straight line isn’t bad on a smaller scale but enough to see by my naked eye - but the bigger the scale, the more deviated the line angle will be.

I’m confident this is a belt tension issue but I can’t find any resources or board discussions about how to fix the belt tension and be sure that it’s correct. Can anyone assist? I was told by another GF super-user that there are resources here but I don’t see anything helpful!

Thanks :upside_down_face:

I assume that the engraves are also wavy?
The official information regarding this is here:

When you remove and replace the carriage plate belt, are you loosening the pulley wheel on the right?


Be careful with the cleaning. There are plenty of posts complaining of issues which popped up after a “deep clean”.

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Have you tried squaring the arm?


If you’re an experienced user then you already know the basics of belt replacement and tensioning, but here’s a link to a discussion regarding how to best set the tension. Quantitative method for correctly adjusting belt tension? - #3 by yoyodyne2112

I’ve deep cleaned my machine every quarter for the last 4 years and I take great caution and care to avoid problems. This issue came up not because of a cleaning but because I had to replace the plastic wheels. Dually noted and thanks for the feedback.

Hi! Jackass here…. :upside_down_face:

The issue you’re having is one of poor tracking control, a belt issue would be the most common cause, improperly installed, improperly tensioned, or poor quality replacement belt, etc…

The wheel replacement may be the event marker, but it’s unlikely that the wheels are the issue, unless you chose to replace the, with something other than Glowforge original components. If you used original replacement parts, then you’re going to want to go through and confirm that the belt has been installed correctly, if you removed the belt from the mounting block, you’re going to want to confirm that the belt is fully seated in the mounting block, as far as it will go into the block, and you’re going to want to confirm the condition of the rear carriage plate wheels while you’re at it, just because.

I wasn’t using a ‘tone’ in my comments, aggressive or otherwise, I was merely acknowledging that you probably didn’t need to be reminded of how to install a belt properly, but it appears that I was incorrect in my asssumption… and yes, that last comment has a tone.

Deal with it.

Oh, another thing… I wasn’t trying to sell you anything, so quit playing victim and if you see Kay… Off. :sunglasses:


Without a pic, it’s hard to be sure, but I generally agree “wavy” lines are caused by belt tension issues.

Never “deep cleaned” my machine in over 5 years. I wipe the optics as prescribed, and empty the crumb tray now and then if I think about it. Had the belt off once, to see if the air-assist fan needed to be cleaned, it isn’t perfect but it’s working just fine. I also wanted to see what all the fuss is about posted by people who struggle getting it back on (it’s simple and easy…)


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