GF Stopped working part way through project and purple light came on ... how to save project?

Hi all. I was working on a project and GF stopped while engraving and purple light came on.
There were no error messages on Dashboard, in fact the timer kept going.

I turned the machine off and back on and things were fine. I understand it is probably a connectivity issue. I did not want to lose the project so I did not move anything. In this case since I did not know what to do, I revised my SVG to what had not been engraved so far and had GF ignore the rest and this worked. My main question is when purple light happens and I have to turn off and back on, is there a way to have the machine continue where it left off? It was easy enough for me to do what I did, but only due to the type of file it was.

Supposedly, if the power goes out the glowforge was supposed to continue where it left off if nothing is changed, but I have never seen that circumstance. Also when the entire file is loaded into the machine’s memory the loss of internet is not supposed to affect it, I have never had that circumstance either.

I did have the 2.4ghz internet blocked and spent a day trying to reconnect and figured the whole thing a mess as it would connect to the computer and the computer would connect to the internet, but with no 2.4ghz the glowforge would not connect to the internet. I had words with the provider and the block was removed and when I turned the glowforge back on it connected as if there had never been an issue without my doing anything.

So that tells me that if you lose connection and there has not been a change (like a changed password) it will link up again when it can without the craziness.


Good save! To my knowledge, there is no way to resume a project if the Glowforge has been turned off and back on.


Thanks for the replies.

Also, anyone have any ideas as to why GF Dashboard did not recognize there was a problem and timer kept going?

There is no connection between the machine and the device you used to print (other than during initial wifi setup).

The timer is just something that runs locally in your browser. Once a print is started, the machine will only “report back” to the cloud once done, or if there is a problem. If it’s knocked offline (simply crashes completely or loses signal), there will be no report back and the device that initiated the print will never know.


But the machine stopped … how is that not considered a problem? When machine has stopped for other reasons, time stops and there is an error message.

The machine is a computer (Linux-based.) If the OS fails, nothing works. It’s like a regular computer just crashing. In Windows, you get a “blue screen of death” - it’s about the same as pulling the power, although the power stays on. The OS simply halts.

If you have a pro with the safety interlock by the power switch, it’s the same thing. Pulling the pin (or using a real safety switch) just interrupts that connection. The machine will stay powered on but it simply halts. Has to be power-cycled to reboot.


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