GF stuck in calibration

my GF is stuck in calibration.
It was working yesterday until evening European time, and suddenly no refresh of the bed-picture and status stock at “calibrating”.
After startup it does it’s “bleep-bleep badoop”, and thats all.

I have done several things like restart, restart after x minutes + logout and shut down browser, unplug power cord for half an hour, I waited over an hour but was still calibrating. I’ve also checked the wifi (stable) but nothing worked.

Can you help me?


Hey, it works!

I gently pushed the bar and head to the center. Then I started the GF with the Lid open and waited for about ten minutes. Then closed it and it startend to move again! And taking sweet pictures! :smiley:

I am really happy, because since I am from Europe shipping a GF would have cost me around 800 bucks…and I still have a lot to cut till my wedding…

Gold luck to all you stuck!


Glad you got it to move again! :slightly_smiling_face:

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I’m kinda jealous – mine works fine, but it doesn’t say “bleep-bleep-badoop!” :wink:

Glad you got it working!


Haha, yeah. It’s a very special one…

Sometimes it also goes “wheeeeeeeee…”


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Something that might help you is to not manually move your print head unless you are cleaning your optics. I never have calibration problems when the print head is not touched. :grinning:

Definitely shouldn’t be touched while the machine is on. If you mess with it while it’s off, the power-up calibration sequence will override any changes you made. :slight_smile:

Never have touched it until yesterday.
…and it was turned off. :slight_smile:

Thanks for letting us know about that. I’m glad to see you’re back up and printing. I’ve passed your report on to the team, so please let us know if you run into any other trouble. You can either start a new thread, or email us at

Happy printing!