GF won’t turn on

I was in the middle of a print job and all of a sudden my laser cut off. And now it won’t turn back on. Please help!! I have taken the cord in and out switch the plugs and it still won’t come back on

Only Glowforge Support can help with this. I assume you have already emailed them.


Yes but does it really take 3 days to hear back? I have so many orders to complete. I have a basic and it’s out of warranty what would be the next step if the troubleshooting doesn’t work

My guess is an offer to buy a refurbished machine for a discount. Emphasis on the word guess.


Is there any alternative number to contact support and do you know how much those are?

No to both questions.

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Glowforge has been good at being as advertised when it comes to support. They have never offered direct or priority support that would require more then weekday 9-5 staff. I would not recommend approaching things with expectation for more then what they have always offered. What they offer and how the manage support should be included in your business plan for whatever platform you have orders from.

So you have the original shipping box that glowforge always stated needing to have for if repair is necessary? Assuming so, you would be looking at $500-$900 for a repair that would take more then a few weeks to replace. It really is not a bad deal at all.


Thank you for responding, so do they offer a refurbished one or I just have to pay to get it fixed?
It was working fine then in a middle of a print job it just turn off and the app was still going

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