GF won't power on

Printed just fine this morning on a piece of Proofgrade draftboard. In the afternoon went to print and GF won’t power on, outlets all have power, I changed out the power cord from the machine and still no luck. Machine is only in service to two days and has only had Proofgrade material in it. Suggestions?

If it’s a Pro, did you check that the staple on the back near the power switch is fully seated in its receptacle? This is part of the safety interlock system and most people aren’t using it, but if it gets loose the power will not come on.

I thought that just prevented the laser from firing (basically, cancelling a job) but it would still power up normally.

@mspaventa all of the other outlets on the breaker have power - or, the outlet the Glowforge is plugged into provides power for other devices if you plug it into that receptacle?

Do you have it plugged straight into the outlet or through a surge protector?

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It is a Pro and safety is fully seated.

everything else into the receptacle works, there seems to be a small water drop sound every time the switch is flipped to the on position.

If it’s making any sort of popping sound (even a soft one) but nothing else is happening, I’d leave it off until Support gets back to you.

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Maybe re-seat it (if you haven’t already).


I can’t think of anything else that would necessarily be serviceable on your end, if other devices are working plugged into the same receptacle.

I’d probably leave it unplugged for the time being.


Unfortunately, I second this. Give Support a few days to address your issue.

Third. If it’s not powering on, leave it unplugged until support gets back to you. :neutral_face:

Thanks for letting us know about this, and I’m so sorry you ran into trouble. We’re looking into it now. I see you already emailed us about this, so I’ll follow up there shortly with more information. I appreciate your patience.