GF won't stay squared and has low power output


My Glowforge Pro is no longer working well.

The laser arm in my Glowforge is not staying squared. The movement system is seemingly slipping during jobs, causing cuts to not meet at their start and finish, and squares to come out with a different width and height. Each time it happens, I followed the procedure in your Perfect Squares guide to shut down the machine, re-square the laser arm with a square tool, and restart it. It will stay squared for some time but then lose it again during a job at random.

I have examined the wheels and do not see any damage. I have checked the tension of the belts and they all appear normal. I can move the arm forward and back, left and right without it sticking anywhere. After ~3 years of heavy use, the belts may be dirty/worn enough to be slipping, but I’m not 100% sure that’s the cause.

Some photos showing the problem are attached at the end of this post.

Last month I discussed with customer support the low power output of my tube (ticket # 318850). A temporary fix of slowing down all cut/engrave speeds on my machine was made. Unfortunately, I still have difficulty cutting 1/4" thick material that I used to be able to cut easily. I am interested in replacing the tube to restore my original performance and reliability. Your website says you offer tube replacement including shipping both ways for $499.

I personally feel like I’ve exhausted the at-home troubleshooting and temporary fixes to keep my Glowforge working and it needs professional repair to correct these two issues (tube power, movement slipping).

I would appreciate if you could send me instructions or a quote to get my Glowforge repaired. It is out of warranty, and I am prepared to pay for the repairs.

Thank you,

It appears you have motion issues. I would turn off the machine and slowly move the head and arm back and forth over their full range of motion, feeling for any resistance. I would also clean all the wheels and rails and ensure that the belts and teeth on the belts and the drive pulleys are in good condition. Check that your wheels haven’t cracked and the drive pulleys are still in good shape.
Then check that all the wires to the motors are in good condition.

@dan84 I am so sorry your Glowforge printer won’t square and motion system is slipping. I sent you an email requesting information we will need to move forward assisting you. I’m going to go ahead and close this forum post and we will be following up with you there.