GFUI hangs when "scanning"/uploading on 2nd try of a job that worked

I’m running my calibration routines on my new Pro unit and running into a couple of problems. This one has to do with running a job and then trying to run it a second time within the same session.

I have a small hairline cross (two lines crossing each other) that I’m trying to use to check the offset of the camera. This was a single vertical line that I copied in the GFUI, pasted and then rotated the copy.

Run the print and it works fine. Then adjust the position by doing a Ctrl-A and then moving the pair of lines. Final step is to hit Print. It gets stuck on Scanning your material/Uploading. The trick of opening another session and trying to do a quick simple job to unlock the first session by printing that one and then cancelling after it finishes its upload does not work. The second session just gets hung as well.

I killed both sessions at 6:22pm EST and restarted the GF. Went back into the UI at `6:24PM. App says “needs calibration” but except for the ticking and the whir of the fans nothing happens. Had to turn off the GF, move the head under the camera and turn it back on before it would calibrate at 6:26pm. Finished power-on calibration at 6:27pm.

Started the scoring job again, hit Print, immediately got head movement and then ready light (and pop-up window) at 6:28pm. Job length 00:05.

Waited until after it finished with the Cooling down in the upper right, light flashed (camera shot post-run?) and Ready in corner. Ctrl-A to select the pair of lines and one arrow press up to move the line a hair. Pressed Print at 6:31pm and left it Scanning (Uploading was displayed next to the Print in the upper right).

Had a bite of supper.

Came back at 6:41 and killed it all again (shut off the GF, get out of the app, start the GF, start the app) as it was still stuck “Scanning”.

I’ve been working in the logs for your Glowforge, and it does look like there was an issue at this time.

Would you please follow the steps under “Lens or Windows are Dirty or Damaged” here, and then turn your unit back on and try a print like what you did here? Let us know how it goes - thanks!

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It’s resolved now. I started with the Bed Refresh issue testing first and this was working too. Looks like whatever s/w update came last week took care of my issue (or they’re entirely unrelated and the gods are smiling on me now :slight_smile: )

You can close this one too. Thanks.

That’s great news! Thanks for letting us know. Since you’re good to go, I’ll close this thread - if the problem reoccurs, go ahead and post a new topic.

Happy printing!