GFUI Request: Archive

In the initial screen you see all of your recent designs.

On each design is a button to open the job in the main GFUI, as well as a dropdown menu.

In the dropdown menu you are able to either “Delete Design” or “Rename Design”

I would request that we add a third option “Archive Design” to this list.

Jobs which went perfectly fine, but I intend to never do again (customized with date and name or some other reason) are jobs I do not want to have cluttering my list of readily available to re-run jobs. But I may want to go back and review them some day far in the future for some reason.

So, adding an Archive would solve this. To access your Archive, we would just need one more button next to Trace.


Thanks for the thoughtful suggestion! I’ll make sure to pass it on to the rest of the team.