GFUI Request: Breakaway

To make my description a little more clear, I introduce a new term “Step” - This is one cut or engrave operation as defined by the boxes generated in the GFUI on the left column. Each of which may contain multiple individually manipulated sub-steps.

I like that it is possible to grab individual sub-steps within a step and move/resize/rotate it individually. You can even cut/copy/paste sub-steps in and out of that step.

However, sometimes I have found myself wanting to change how I engrave one sub-step after I have loaded my SVG into the GFUI and re-arranged things.

Being able to break a sub-step out of the parent step would be phenomenal for this. At present the only option I see is to edit the original SVG and re-load the whole thing, or to delete the sub-step you want to change, and just do it in a different job.

I am pretty sure you don’t have control over the right click menu, since this works in a browser (and some interfaces won’t have right click anyway, like tablets). So the best way to implement this without cluttering the screen space is to change “Add Artwork” to “Break Away” while you have a sub-step selected (or add a similar button to the bottom of the left column whenever you have a sub-step selected)


Do you mean the left column or is there an option to move it to the right that you’ve got set?

Android & Windows tablets anyway will substitute a long finger press for the right mouse click event.

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Oops, yes. I mean left ><

Thanks for the suggestions and follow-up @jacobturner. I’m sending them on to the team!