GFUI Time Remaining Bug

No, I don’t need help. Yes, I understand why it went into cooling. No, I don’t need to know how to avoid going into cooling mode. No, I’m not complaining about it going into cooling. Just simply reporting an interface bug .

Cutting started with 16:30 estimated time. It had 4:30 remaining on the timer when it went into cooling mode.

It took approximately 4 minutes to resume and once resumed, the GFUI said I had 30 seconds remaining on the cutting. The GFUI sat on “Completed” for the remaining 4 minutes (time it was in cooling mode) for the cut to actually finish. It is like the timer is set based on absolute start/stop times instead of relative times (i.e. an estimated 5 minute design starts at 4:30:20PM so the stop time is 4:35:20PM, even if you go into cooling).

I didn’t see any other posts on this so I figured I’d submit the report and this seemed to be the best forum.


It is. It’s dead on accurate, that I’ve seen, if the job doesn’t pause. But, it just runs the countdown once the job has started without regard to cooling status.

The job preview/and playback that shows where it’s cutting is also separate file that’s downloaded and you’ll see that it will get out of sync in cooling states, or if you close out of the window, come back, and hit print to see countdown timer.

It’s been reported a few times but nothing wrong with reporting it! Serves as a good gauge for how it impacts users.


Wondering… You are the first person in a gazillion years to report a short cool down period. Usually P&S posts are “my GF paused for cooling and never came back”, or “my GF goes into a long cool down period on every print”.

I have a Pro in a cool basement so have never experienced a cooling period. Do you have a Pro or a Basic? Is the short cool down your norm?

I’ve definitely had jobs resume quickly when appropriately cooled. Had it happen at least twice. I kinda went “Oh… Yeah it is a little warm in here.” Flip on the A/C in there and the job resumes in moments.


I upgraded to a Pro long before first production because the official posts “hinted” that the Basics would be operating at the edge. Occasional cool downs would be expected.

Given that the company would not give us an operating temperature range I was a little concerned. So converting to the Pro was 100% because of the better cooling. Not power or passthru.


I have them periodically. We don’t have A/C but my 'forge is in the (daylight) basement where it generally stays pretty cool. If it has to stop for cooling I just let it be, and it starts back up in a few minutes. (The timer definitely doesn’t reflect the cooldown pauses, though.)

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I have a Basic. It’s in my un-conditioned basement in Georgia where it is still 90+ degrees right now.

I estimate the temperature down there to be 78-80F easily. I do have a fan that I have blowing over the intake but that is it. Nothing else special like an ice pack or whatever. It does sit on a stainless steel table that I assume offers some sort of conductive heating/cooling as opposed to a wooden surface. We should be heading into Fall soon so it’ll cool off and be fine down there.

It went into Cooling for 3-5 minutes last weekend while running an extended cutting job. I was done enough with the job that I just cancelled it before it resumed (around mid-day) but the next job had a short cooldown then it worked. I ran a 1+ hour job later that night after that and it didn’t actually go into cooling. Most of that job was just engraving at like 45 precision power though.

That’s the problem I have. As an engineer who develops operator interfaces, I know it can’t be that difficult to essentially increment the stop time as the cooling time increases. It’s probably just so insignificant that its a low priority which translate to it’ll never be changed, which I can understand.

That’s mostly my feeling.

Might be a good interview challenge for the next candidate :grinning:

Thanks so much for letting us know about this. We’ve seen a couple of other reports on this behavior, and the team is investigating now. I’ve passed along the details you shared.

I’m going to close this thread, but if you run into any other trouble please start a new topic or email us at Happy printing!