I’ve never see a UNDO that records changes while your are in the process of performing an action.

While trying to figure out how the rotation handle operates, if I have to UNDO to reset the object rotation I have had to CTRL-Z up to 12 or more times to undo one command because the command buffer seems to record every change every 1/2 second or so of a drag operation instead of undoing just the last submitted command. This makes fine tuning positioning very long.

Is there a way to adjust this behavior to a more standard operation of one UNDO per click or keystroke?


I find that it’s generally handier to hold down the SHIFT key while rotating the handle. That constrains the jumps to 45° increments, and each is treated as a single jump.

(Might keep you from having to do 12 CTRL+Zs.) :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks for the feedback @wanderingwood; I’ll get it to the right team!