GFUI Zoom with mouse wheel option

Please pass along to the UI team a request for an option to have the mouse wheel Zoom in/out instead of Pan up/down. I use multiple programs that all use the mouse wheel to Zoom in/out, and every single time I come back to the GFUI I constantly scroll my design off the screen multiple times before remembering I need to hold the Ctrl key down.

Perhaps a toggle under Preferences since I know many wouldn’t want this or might not even have a mouse wheel/scroll wheel. The UI is so much better then years ago, but needing to use Ctrl for zooming continues to drive me a bit batty. :crazy_face:

Thank you GF team

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Would be great for you to send your request/suggestion to as they no longer monitor the forum. It’s now only all of us other users who are here.


Thank you for the note @Xabbess, I have just done so.

I’ll admit I haven’t frequented the forums much in awhile and didn’t realize they’re no longer here. That’s too bad. Thankfully the community here is awesome though and will keep helping each other out. Appreciate it.


It’s been a decade or more since I used a mouse, but I seem to recall them coming with settings where you could change the functions - specifically choose between zoom or scroll for the wheel.

@eflyguy With my Wacom software I am able to have the pen buttons and tablet keys be/do different things with different applications. I’m not sure how I could do that with my mouse in Glowforge’s web interface though. I know this sort of thing is possible though as one of the online pieces of software I use (Onshape) provides user options for how to Zoom in their interface. Even with the option to reverse which direction the zoom goes based on wheel direction. I think this has to be provided as an option from their side though since it’s a web UI.

I had another look at my Logitech mouse software and has an option to be able to create different profiles with different button assignments that one could (manually) switch between for use with different applications, but I do not see any option for scrolling vs zooming with the mouse wheel. Thank you for the idea to double check on this though.

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