Gift Bags

Has anyone had any experience personalizing store bought gift bags? I figured I would ask before beginning the adventure of trial and error :smiley:

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Not personally because im always afraid of what they might be made of and too lazy to test them, if you are talking about using the laser to cut the bags that is.

What kind of gift bag?

They are paper.

There are lots of posts regarding engraving on paper if you search “paper” in the forum. Seems to me you should be able to personalize.

Here is a starting point: Somewhat Comprehensive Testing of Settings for Cutting Paper and Cardstock


You’d probably be better off making gift tags to attach to the bag.

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I considered etching paper gift bags before–but after a test, decided just stamping my logo on the bag was A LOT faster, and more contrast since I could use an ink color that really contrasted with the paper (with etching, you may not get the contrast). And as @eflyguy suggested, you may find making nice gift tags or labels to place on the bag is more efficient. But if you want to try, it’s no different than other types of paper–just make sure it’s secure on the bed & use the set focus option (in theory it’s 2 thicknesses of the paper, but with the folds for the gusset, it might sit bit higher, pending your size.

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