Gift for a Guitarist

Here is what I made for my youngest son’s 30th birthday this week. It is my first layered piece. I did not design it. Thanks to Beyond My Front Porch on Etsy for the fabulous design. As soon as I saw it I knew I would make it for my son. There are so many coats of poly on there to make it shine like a real guitar. He has a blue guitar which looks just like this. I hope he likes it.


Pretty sure he will love it.

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This is looks so cool.

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Wow, thanks!

What is there not to like! That is a great piece!


Looks good to me.

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I remember seeing this design…and it’s wonderful. Your son will be amazed and love it so much.


You did a fantastic job on it! I’ll bet it would be super nice also, done in that koa wood that I’ve seen offered on the forum; pretty sure my husband would love a koa guitar.


UPDATE: My son liked it! He said, “Wow, cool!” He thanked me profusely. Mom for the win!


What are the guitar strings made of?

They are cut from the same wood as the other layers. It is a 6 layer design. The bottom layer is the back of the guitar, and the top layer is the frame.