Gifts for Glowforgers

Hi, all. I’d love to hear some suggestions for what a passionate Glowforge user might like to receive as a gift, please. Any special materials, tools, gadgets you can think of? (Figure the recipient already has a standard array of wood, acrylic, and paper stock to work with, please.)

Thanks for your help in making my husband’s Christmas a little more lasery.


Digital Calipers is the first thing to come to mind (but chances are good that he has them). Maybe funds in a stock graphics account for graphics and fonts? For example: (the one I use). I also love my little Dozuki saw On Amazon.


Colored and exotic woods. Materials storage options. Workspace lighting. Other baubles if they do leather/jewelry work. (Like snaps and findings, etc.) Stand offs for signage. Any of the “extras” ya need for a project but never seem to have on-hand, as they aren’t the main material being cut/etched in the GF.


Ooooh! I love a good goodie basket! :smile:

These for sure:

Vinyl Weeding Picks (useful for checking to see that something cut through before moving the backing material)

Plastic Razor Blades (very useful for weeding bits of masking - won’t scratch the finish)

Wireless Snake Camera (useful for checking things out inside the machine, knowing when time to clean)

TransferRite High Tack Masking

Mr. Magic SqueeGee (Best for applying the Masking)

Narex 1/8" Chisel (great for cleaning out a tight slot)

Gorilla Tape (weeding again, and removes char)

Emory Boards (great for touch up sanding)

…and lots of his favorite snacks! :smile:


All of the options above are exceptional ideas. I’d add in functional items like neodymium magnets for hold downs, or 3D printed risers for thicker materials when not using the crumb tray.

From a materials standpoint, non standard sized tiles from Lowes or Home depot would be a nice gift, and probably not something they might buy on their own. The tile projects are always fun, especially when it isn’t just a standard 4x4.


Why has no one mentioned storage? A full-size flat file is the ultimate.

Sandusky Lee 244876BK Black Steel 5 Drawer Flat File, 16-1/8" Height x 40-3/4" Width x 28-3/8" Depth

You can find them used on craigslist for much less, but youhavetime constraints.

Srsly of all my Glowforge accessories this is the one that I’d be saddest to lose.


Or how about a cover handmade by one of the forum members @ajvince.


Someone mentioned it… :wink:


Reading is hard, ok?! :slight_smile:


If he does much with paper or other very thin materials, perhaps a Seklema mat


clamps for holding things together while glue sets.


a random orbit sander (great for finishing up wood)

a sanding block (sometimes electric isn’t better than hand powered)

and sandpaper (from 80 to at least 320)


These make great stocking stuffers… $4

Oh, man, thanks so much, everyone – these ideas are all great. I ordered one of those covers and some lens wipes. With supplies being so specialized, I appreciate the advice of experienced users. Thanks again.


Oh It’s late to the game but Kim Oberlin ships hardwoods really quickly. His samplers are great!

A whole thread on his stuff is here:

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