Give us the same time to buy a discounted Glowforge that we gave you to deliver

I have reached the end of my rope after staying mostly positive and seeing yet another delay.
February 2019 pushed to May 2019. At this point, I have 0 expectation that won’t be moved again. I get it delays happen but can you actually expect customers to sit around and wait as long as they have and remain patient?

@dan I think its a fair ask to ask Glowforge to give customers who have waited this long an equivalent time to purchase at the same discount down the line. ie. I waited 3 years so I expect the ability to purchase a Glowforge at the promised price for 3 years if I decide to return. I’m open to why this is not sensible as while I very much liked Glowforge I have such a negative experience so far that any laser cutting project/product idea has just been cancelled or pushed into the 3D printing realm. After cancelling this I don’t see myself buying another laser cutter down the line at full price and I certainly will never buy a Glowforge at full price knowing once upon a time I had a discount. By offering this sort of promise you can potentially bring back the buyers that you have failed to fulfill due to never-ending delays.

Thanks for the suggestion, @reptomatic. We’ll let you know if we put a policy like that in place. I’m sorry we haven’t been able to deliver to you, and I apologize for being so far off in our estimates.

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